Community in Action November 19, 2020

Today while eating my lunch in the garden I had to sit somewhere different than usual. It is amazing to me how quickly it seems the sun moves in the sky from right overhead to closer to the horizon. You see the bench I normally sit in gets direct sunlight around the early afternoon. As the weather has gotten cooler and the sun changes position in the sky from summer to winter, so I have to adjust where I sit. I have enjoyed sitting in the same spot since spring time. A spot where I can take a moment to breathe and nourish my body. Yet, today I had to adjust. Today I had to modify my seating arrangement. Today I had to find a new spot to sit in order to still enjoy the sun while sitting in the garden. 

    It seems like 2020 has required a lot of adjustments. Changes we have had to make in order to keep doing some of the things we enjoy doing. We have to adjust, we have to modify, we may even have to move to a new spot in order to continue to visit with people we long to see, perhaps use Facetime instead of a personal visit. Maybe we need to do take-out instead of visit our favorite restaurant. Maybe we need to look at a little phone screen instead of sit in a pew to worship together.

    No matter how we need adjust or modify or get up and move some place that has a better internet connection we still can visit with friends, enjoy a meal together at home, or continue to worship. I know it seems like things will never change back the way they were, but we still have the freedom and capabilities to partake of those special visits, meals, or worship together.

    Perhaps this Thanksgiving is one in which we will learn what we are truly thankful for. Perhaps this Thanksgiving we will learn what it is we truly desire, enjoying family together with a meal in the same room. This can be a time when we can reevaluate what is truly important. Maybe even we can make the changes we need to make in our lives that will insure we don’t have to readjust as much next time.

    Our family is planning to do a talent show this Thanksgiving. It is something we had planned actually when we were going to be together, for the first time in over a year. We had never considered this before, but now it sounds like we might be introducing a new tradition in our family gatherings.

    We still plan to do the talent show, but we will have to do on zoom this year, but maybe for next year we can start planning something that really takes some talent. Next year maybe we will take out some time beside cooking, eating, and watching football together to share something that will be remembered beyond the last touchdown of the game, or even who won the game.

    Changes can be helpful and though necessity may be the mother of invention necessity can certainly be the teacher of changes that are beneficial to our well being and our connection with others.

    I am hoping that you will be able to adjust your pattern of living so the changes required for this pandemic will produce a change that will benefit you and those you care about and that change may even be the best ever yet.

    Adjusting with you, as best we can,

    Pastor Randy

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