Community in Action November 20, 2020

    The right place at the right time is so much better than being at the wrong place at the wrong time. This morning I went a different way to work, since I had a bank payment to drop off. Usually I travel west on Amador Valley Blvd., but today it was Dublin Blvd. all the way.

    I realized when I got to work that someone had left their phone at home, me. So I couldn’t phone home on my own phone. Plus the Deacons are putting together this morning some Advent bags with Advent Calendars and Devotionals. I had left the calendars at home, so I needed to get them as well.

    I am not usually too fond of driving back home right after I get to work, because I have forgotten something, but since I had forgotten two things I just went with it. On the way home I noticed the traffic lights out at the intersection of Regional Street and Amador Valley Blvd. I thought I should call it in, but then I was in a rush and knew I could call it in later if it was still out when I came back.

    Coming that same way back the traffic lights were still out. It wasn’t just one way, but all lights were out and it had now been about twenty minutes. I called the non-emergency number for the Police Department to notify them of the outage. They took the information and thanked me and I went on my way.

    This wasn’t a major problem, but since I just happened to have to go that way home and back I not only noticed the issue, but I was able to notify the Police Department. This also made the trip back home even more worthwhile. I was able to be a good citizen and help alleviate a minor frustration for travelers driving along Amador Valley Blvd.

    Did God want me to be the one to notify the police? I don’t know. Anyone could have done it, but since they took my name and number it usually means no one has called the issue to their attention, yet. So if not me, who?

    I love it when I can help out in the community even if it is just for a minor traffic issue. It makes me feel valued and I feel like a team player.

    I don’t know if I just happened to be in the right place at the right time or God orchestrated my having to drive home again, but whichever it is I am glad to have responded to the opportunity.

    This is how I think I need to be all the time. When something interrupts my agenda I have learned to be aware that I may have an unexpected opportunity to help someone or some situation.

    This reminds me of the times Jesus is on his way some where and he interrupts his travels to talk to a Samaritan woman or stop to heal a blind man or even to go have lunch with a tax collector.

    We may not be in the right place at the right time to begin with, but sometimes with the eyes of Jesus and the ears tuned to the Holy Spirit we may be able to make what ever time it is the right time and that means we are in the right place.

    Looking for opportunities to serve with you,

    Pastor Randy

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