Community in Action November 21, 2020

So today I am dealing with the reality that our family will not be gathering together this next week. We had planned to all land in Washington, coming from California and Texas, so we could celebrate Thanksgiving as a family. Maybe we would play a little touch football, share funny stories from the past year, maybe start a puzzle together, but definitely rekindle the bond which has made us a family unit.

    I am dismayed. No, that is not transparent enough. I am extremely disappointed, close to being heartbroken, if I truly want to express what I am feeling this morning. This week I have pushed away how bothered I am about this. We had even planned to quarantine when we got back as well as get a Covid test so we could keep others safe, but that is not going to happen.

    I planned to take some vacation time next week so we could take this sojourn to see our family, but now I almost wonder what is the point of taking time off. Well, the point is that it is important to take some time to rest and some time to recharge, which is what I will be doing next week.

    So my thoughts of thankfulness are not spilling over as much as I had hoped, but I am thankful to have a partner who will help me find new and maybe unexpected things for which to be thankful.

    I think next week we may take a couple of day long road trips which will not involve exiting the car except when we are taking a gander at some breath taking scenery.  We will listen to a book on tape and discuss are thoughts and opinions about it. We will still have a Thanksgiving dinner and we will still see family and attempt to have our zoom talent show.

    Though I am not ready right now to thank God for this circumstance I am ready to be surprised at what will transpire that will make this Thanksgiving memorable, in a good way.

    Last night Joan and I went with the Youth Group to package food at Kids Against Hunger in Pleasanton. It was a great time, not just to be with the Youth Group and some parents, but it was a great opportunity to do something that will bring nourishment and even life to children who will be without so much this Thanksgiving. The majority of the meals we packaged will go to Haiti, but there are other places around the world that will be recipients of our efforts.

    As Joan said it was a good thing to do especially just before Thanksgiving. We won’t be having those meals for our Thanksgiving, we will have a special meal, a minor feast, but we will also take some time to give thanks for being together and to see our family even if it is only on zoom.

    So I guess already I am finding some reasons for which I can be thankful even after the demise of our special traveling plans.

    Praying this Thanksgiving can be one of thankfulness for you,

    Pastor Randy

    I plan on taking a break from daily snippets of my life journey during this next week. Blessings to you as become more aware of God’s activity in your life and the lessons he will teach you through that awareness.

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