Community in Action November 6, 2020

Today as I prepare for the Sunday School Class on Isaiah and my sermon about a prophet who is the most quoted prophet in the New Testament I am a bit frustrated. There is so much in those 66 chapters that I am struggling with what to include in our classier better yet what I should exclude because of the one hour we have.

    I realized last month as I was putting together the sermon series for November that I couldn’t just share about Isaiah in one sermon I had to make it three, even that number seems too few.

    So I am reading and writing and cutting and praying that I can share some special nuggets for our class on Sunday. There is so much information and it spans so many years I could probably teach a class for a whole year on this Old Testament book.

    One thing I do know is that people have been reading and preaching and teaching on Isaiah for over 2500 years. I mean since Isaiah lived in the 8th century B.C. I am sure since that time people have been talking about this man who was touched by God and who shared God’s vision for Israel.

    So what nuggets I don’t come up with I am sure you can find by reading other material written by much wiser people than myself. I also know that God will help us know what we need to know from scripture for this particular day.

    This is not a book or a story which we can exhaust through our individual mining of nuggets of truth. There is so much in here and there is so much more that God longs for us to understand within these pages that our quick perusal should just be an appetizer to the banquet God has for us.

    So I shouldn’t worry nor should you about grasping everything God has for us in one Sunday School Class or in three sermons, but do take seriously the challenge to continue to read Isaiah and/or other books of the Bible to gain understanding and wisdom.

    One mandate for all Jews has always been to study the Torah. And this doesn’t mean a secluded one person study, but studying by oneself, along with studying in a group, and also discussing what you learn.

    There is a reason we have this book to study which continues to provide us with wisdom year after year, decade after decade, century after century. It is a book which seeks to provide us with a written witness of God’s love and that love is not capsulated in one book of 66 chapters, Isaiah, or even 66 books of the Bible itself.

    This book is a witness of the message which takes multiple forms and can be expressed in multiple ways for the multitude here on earth.

    Let us take time today, and every day, to learn more about God’s love by taking time to read, study, and learn from this invaluable resource.

    Seeking wisdom between the pages with you,

    Pastor Randy

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