Community in Action November 7, 2020

What a wild week. It is hard to believe November would be such a trying month. I knew it was coming, but I never expected this experience would be so hard to cope with. I never thought the time change would make such a difference in my life. You see I find that light coming through our bedroom window effects my morning rising. As the eastern light comes through our bedroom window I seem to slowly come awake, even if I went to bed late.

    Of course I also have a chorus of meows coming from outside our window or right outside our closed door depending if I let the cats out or if they are still in for the night. The light and the pleadings for food are my alarm clocks, who needs a clock alarm or a phone alarm if you have cats.

    So after six days of living into this change of clocks I now know that just because it is dark outside it is not time to go to bed. Also I have learned to turn my head away from the bedroom window and to put the covers over my head so I can pretend it is not time to get up yet, though that doesn’t seem to block out the noise from the cats.

    Actually the biggest change is not so much when to go to bed or when to rise up, but to accept that there will be less light during the day than we use to have. I have to admit one reason I like Christmas so much is that it is shortly after the winter solstice and I know that we are on the way to more light every twenty-four hours. I really love the light.

    So as I adjust to the time change and as I long for the days to grow lighter instead of darker I am again hopeful that we ourselves will become more enlightened, more expectant, and more positive in our outlook on life.

    Who knows maybe this will be the year we decide that Daylight Savings is not necessary. Maybe we will realize that each hour of each day is a gift from God and we will look upon each day as a new opportunity to see the wonder, the beauty, and the joy of being alive.

    So if you haven’t adjusted to the time change yet, don’t worry it will come. And just know that in another five months, March 14th to be exact, we will, unless enlightened to not do this, we will set our clocks forward an hour.

    Looking forward to this gift of God, today, with you,

    Pastor Randy

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