Community in Action October 13, 2020

This week I decided to fix a divot in our back yard lawn. Actually it is more of a depression which seems to be growing. If you don’t hear from me tomorrow it will probably because it has changed into a sink hole.

    Evidently this spot used to have a tree there. Since we have lived in this place, ten years now, there has always been this minor depression, but it does seem to be a bit worse. So I figured now is a good time to fix it.

    I bought some topsoil for this three foot square spot and also some sod. I smoothed the topsoil out, making it as level as possible with the ground surrounding it. I laid the sod, having only to make one adjustment. It was a little short in one place and a little long in another so I cut the sod to make that adjustment.

    I watered it well before and after laying the sod and stamped it down to help it set in the depression. It looks so great, I thought if I had the money I would do the whole backyard, but not enough green in the bank account to make it green in the back yard.

    It is good to periodically assess our lives and address any issues we have been putting off. Perhaps you have been meaning to walk more or ride the stationary bike sitting in your garage. Or maybe you have been meaning to start eating a more healthy breakfast. Or maybe you have been meaning to start reading the Bible every other day or pray every morning and evening. Or maybe even you have meant to start saying hello to your neighbors when you see them.

    Now is a great time to start. I took some sourdough bread to our new neighbors the other day. I have been trying take the time to fix oatmeal in the mornings and I have been trying to clean off my dresser at least once a week.

    I am sure I won’t keep up with these new changes every day, but now is a good time to start and who knows maybe a new healthy habit will begin. Perhaps I will make this part of a normal part of my life and I will be better for it. So would you.


    Pastor Randy

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