Community in Action October 14, 2020

This morning I took a short walk along our usual canal route. I decided I would just go three miles today, but I hoped to see numerous water fowl that usually accompany us along our path. I wasn’t disappointed.

    I didn’t see a lot of any one bird except for Mallards and the usual half dozen of Egrets. We noticed a couple of days ago that a lone Coot was swimming before the bridge and it was there today as well. Though rarely did we see more than half a dozen usually they were in pairs. I am not sure if this one is just a scout for the others or just an early bird.

    I also saw at the very beginning a Snowy Egret. Normally they are further down the canal, though they like shallow water they tend to be closer to the deeper parts of the canal not at the zero depth beginning. There were a couple more, one more Snowy Egret and a Common Egret together, after the waterfalls. And further on there were single Egrets walking, or stalking I should say, the shallows by the banks.

    Also near the beginning I saw a Green Heron. These birds seem to also fly in pairs, like the Coots. This one was alone though and it was flying then waiting on the rocks near the banks searching for its next destination. I also saw it in the same area on the way back, still alone.

    The Sandpiper was down by the waterfalls and underneath the bridge pecking at the shallow sections of the water flow. Rarely do I see more than one and today was no exception. It does seem to stay close to the same location over the hour I am walking to and fro along the canal.

    I was surprised at all the variety of birds so near the beginning of the walk. I thought I might see a Black-crowned Night Heron along the early stretch, but not today. I didn’t see one anywhere the 1.5 miles out to my destination and the 1.5 miles back.

    Since I saw all this variety of birds so early in the walk I thought I might see a Great Blue Heron before I got to the mile mark. This is a rare occurrence if it happens and today it wasn’t till I rounded the bend to my halfway marker that I saw one. As I walked up to my halfway point it quickly stabbed into the water and brought up either a fish or a frog, I wasn’t sure. As I closed in on its place whatever it had wasn’t going to get away and though the item did seem to have a leg hanging out of its mouth.

    I thought of that picture of a frog not letting it self go down the throat of a heron with the caption, “Never give up!” underneath the picture, but I don’t think this frog was going to outlast this particular heron.

    I kept looking for the Black-crowned Night Heron all the way back and thought at one point I had finally spotted one, but it was only dead grass gathered around a portion of a low hanging branch.

    The two cats, a tuxedo cat and an all white cat with a black tail, were parked on the bank as I walked by. I think they are there almost every day. Joan and I haven’t decided if they are truly feral cats or they have nearby homes and are just out for a stroll.

    I also saw a seagull, but I think it was just flying off course. There were no others around and it headed toward the west after flying over the canal.

    The people along the canal were sparse, but then it is getting a bit more chilly in the mornings. I saw a few of the same people we usually see and most are carrying or wearing masks if they get within arms length.

    It was good to have the peacefulness of the running water and seeing the familiar water fowl. It was a good time to just drink in nature and this makes my heart full. It is pleasant to walk the familiar ground and see the familiar sights.

    Hoping your day went well or you were able to remember the peaceful moments you had in the last few days. If it wasn’t that way, then I pray you will have a restful night and feel the warmth of God’s breath kissing you on the cheek tomorrow morning.

    Peace to you and yours,

    Pastor Randy

Psalm 29:11 “The Lord gives strength to his people; the Lord blesses his people with peace.”

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