Community in Action October 15, 2020

I think hands on experience is the best teacher, how about you? I mentioned a couple of days ago about fixing a divot in our lawn. This depression in the yard was due to a former spot for a tree which was later removed. I had purchased soil and sod and put them down in that order. I was watering it daily and making sure it was not drown but moist.

    I realized this morning as I turned on the sprinklers I had not accounted for the sprinkler head which was now under the sod and soil I had put down. Yes, that is correct. Since the area I was refurbishing was next to the wooden border with agapanthus plants growing over it I didn’t think to try first to find the sprinkler head.

    So this morning I moved the sod and soil until I found the sprinkler head. Since it was buried under the soil the best way to find it was to remove the sod around where I thought it was then turn on the sprinklers. Thankfully I had just gotten back from swimming so I had the right clothing on, swimsuit, and was already used to getting wet, swimming.

    Once I found the head I had to cut out the sod where the head would pop up and then try it out. I turned the sprinklers back on to adjust the dirt around the head and then replaced the sod in the proper place. I was actually glad it was a bit warm this morning so all the work I was doing while replacing the dirt and sod felt quite good.

    I now know how to replace sod in a yard which already has a sprinkler system in it. I also know that sometimes when you are fixing or replacing something it is good to be flexible, for you may not think of everything that needs to be done the first time through. I also know that you shouldn’t try doing things in your yard unless you are wiling to get dirty or wet.  

    Life is like that also. No matter how well you plan you need to be flexible and patient because adjustments will need to be made. I have always admired those people who fix things for it seems they know exactly what to do and what parts they need, but I am finding that is usually because you are seeing what they learned through experience, which wasn’t always done so smoothly.

    It is like Facebook in some ways. Most often what we see are the highlights, not the lowlights. Or sometimes we see only what people want us to see. We see the final product, but not the process.

    This is one thing I love about God. God knows and sees the highlights and the lowlights. God knows what we need and also knows that we learn best through experience, or best through making mistakes. We are in process with a product still to follow. Even though God knows all this God has loved, still loves, and will always love us.


    Pastor Randy

Psalm 103:8 “The LORD is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love.”

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