Community in Action October 16, 2020

This week was birthday week for our family. Both of our daughters had birthdays and though we wished them Happy Birthday on Facebook and with a special video birthday wish it is not the same as being with them.

    I thought today about how important family celebrations are. My grandfather on my father’s side was gone before I was born and that grandmother lived far away so visits after we moved west when I was age five could be counted using just your tumbs. My other grandparents, on my mom’s side, were visited perhaps about half a dozen times after we moved west.

    Joan and I have been able to visit our families, before Covid, at least twice year if not more since our grandkids have been born and are looking forward to that time when we can celebrate every birthday with each of them in person.

    I have to admit I feel very fortunate that the friction in our family is minimal. Oh there is a bit of ribbing and some competition during game when we gather, but for the most part everyone gets along and we are very supportive of each member of our family.

    It is a very happy occasion when we get together and especially if we are hiking or swimming or kayaking or playing cards, and of course eating. I am learning that this is not everyone’s experience. I long for each of you to have some semblance of harmony in your family. If there is anything that has fractured your relationship I pray that you will be able, through God’s help, to repair that brokenness.

    I realize repair or renewal in family relationships is not just one person’s responsibility, it takes everyone’s commitment and willingness to listen to the other person, to hear the other side, to offer grace and seek forgiveness. So I pray this for you also. We are not here on this earth for a short time so we must make the best of our time as we can. It is not a helpful to harbor resentment or jealousy or dissension in one’s family.

    Perhaps this is the day to make an attempt to revive a family relationship. I know too that for some of us we have made overtures and be turned away. I know that for some of us the separation is difficult and hurtful, but I pray that God will give us hope and an expectation that we will all be reconciled if not today or tomorrow some day here or in the here after when we gather together as a family.

    For now I urge you to cherish the relationships you have and to celebrate those special days that signify the glorious side of life. May you find solace in those trouble spaces and be soothed by God’s compassion for you.

    Peace to you,

    Pastor Randy

Romans 12:18 “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.”

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