Community in Action October 19, 2020

So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.                                  2 Corinthians 4:18

    It is exciting to hear that some places that have been shuttered for so long are now opening up. I noticed Fitness 19 is now accepting a limited number of clients through their doors. Some places have opened for indoor dining and I heard last Friday that playgrounds are now available to youngster and oldsters alike (they do request that anyone over the age of two have on a mask).

    I am excited that places are opening up, but there also seems to be surge again of new cases and hospitalizations. I am not sure about our county, I am hoping that we all have learned how to care for others and ourselves by not letting our guard down even though our restrictions are loosening up.

    It is difficult not to start hugging again at worship or high fiving or shaking hands, but the important thing is we can see a possible change as now have movement-in-place, MIP instead of shelter-in-place, SIP. We can visit some of the places we have been missing and we can start to rebuild the “new normal.”

    You may also have heard that “Indoor Worship” is also an option starting on October 26th. That would mean the first Sunday of November, November 1st, we could meet inside, yet I am loving the Outdoor Worship.

    The weather has been awesome, the live music has been exceptional, and the opportunity to gather, even at a distance, has been invigorating. I hope we can continue to worship outdoors for as long as the weather holds. So, be sure to purchase a winter coat if you don’t have one already, we are staying outside.

    I think the recent changes are also helpful in keeping “Pandemic Fatigue” in abeyance. I know some of us are really suffering from a lack of connection in a person-to-person situations. We can hug ourselves only so many times, we can do only so many Zoom calls, and FaceTime is great to chat on the phone, but it was created for those long distance relationships that didn’t allow for a person-to-person meetings not only for an opportunity to see others without their masks.

    Maybe it was my Cross Country training or my long distance swimming or even my fifty-mile boy scout hikes, but I have always been a person who has learned to be in it for the long haul. I was never much of a sprinter. One thing I have always lacked when participating in any competitive sporting event is that burst of speed or those lightening reflexes or that coordination that allows one to react quickly to any situation. I am much better at just continually moving.

    I too am tired of the restrictions and the absence from a people centered events and the lack of opportunity to eat meals with others, but I do know that everything will come together all in good time, well maybe not in “good time,” but in time. As has often been said, “This too will pass.” This quote comes from a speech by Abraham Lincoln, but is also like the quote above from 2 Corinthians.

    So as things change again, let us not let our guard down, but keep strong in our hope, that our God continues to walk with us and someday we will gather together to have the best potluck ever.


    Pastor Randy

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