Community in Action October 1, 2020

I am a sucker for “good” deals. Nothing tugs at my wallet like a sale on something in the garden area. Whenever I am at Lowe’s I can’t help but walk through the garden area, especially toward the back where they place their sorry looking plants. You know the plants that are dehydrated or have a few too many brown leaves or just need love and care.

    A couple of weeks ago I bought two “sorry” looking Lantanas. The leaves looked heathy enough, but the soil in the pot looked as if it was baked in there. The stems seemed strong and I had an inkling that the $1 price tag would be worth it, at least for one out of the two.

    So I took my purchase home, set both of them in one of my fountains to soak up the water from underneath the plant besides also watering them from on top. The next day they both had perked up (hurrah!).

    The following morning I dug up the ground near our candy striped flowered rose bush and planted them. Over the following week they received plenty of water. I watered them every other day, partly because the ground where I had put them was untested for plants, that is I had never grown anything before there, and because it was really hot outside.

    Just this week when I went out to water that area I saw blue flowers on one of the plants and they both looked healthy as ever. They make a nice addition to a couple of Gerber Daisies I salvaged along the border of our lawn.

    Sometimes I feel like those Lantanas, neglected, dried out, and hopeless. Yet, then someone comes along and gives me a smile or an encouraging word. I receive some water and the sun turns from an outdoor oven to a globe of warm soothing rays.

    The uniqueness of each person is so much like the amazing number of flower varieties that are in the garden stores. The different colors, different textures, different heights, and different foliage. Flowers don’t provide me with any food, but they delight the eyes, especially when the fog and gloom rolls in.

    I am so thankful I have a God who doesn’t give up on me like the person who separates out the plants at Lowe’s. That one who divides the plants which will still sell from the ones which they hope to get just a few pennies from some “sucker” who is looking for good deals.

    I may not always bloom where I am planted, but I am thankful for people who encourage me. And I know God will be sure to nourish me, care for me, and give me an opportunity to bloom when it is time. 

    So thankful for those who care for me and for the Master Gardener who brings forth the delightful blooms.


    Pastor Randy

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