Community in Action October 22, 2020

Today as I walked the canal I noticed more birds are returning from being away during this last season. I mentioned last week that we finally saw a Coot again. Today I saw three Coots, plus the last couple of times we have walked, and again today, I saw a couple of female Mergansers. The other day I thought maybe I saw a Kingfisher, but on later reflection I think it was just a fast moving Green Heron. So today I am sure I saw, for the first time this season, a Kingfisher.

    I have only seen Kingfishers early in the morning, which now with sunrise beginning around seven means, with the growing dawn, I would see them between 6:45 am and 7:30 am. Today I was walking around 7:00 am and the flash of blue with dark crest and white patch were all indications that it was a Kingfisher. I rarely have seen a Kingfisher after 8:00 am and they don’t usually stick around once spotted. My usual sighting of them is flying through the canal. They may land on a branch and I have a picture of one on a wire, but if you look at them too long they will take off, so I give them a side glance and maybe take a quick pic.

    I may have seen a ring necked duck for the first time this season today also. Those are harder to distinguish because of their dark coloring and the white ring is so thin, but I will keep looking whenever I venture out again.

    Seeing those familiar birds is like a home coming. It reminds me of church when we used to gather weekly. It was so good to see people again in a familiar and safe place. Now when we gather for Outdoor Worship it is the same feeling, but we still miss those who aren’t comfortable or who are too physically vulnerable to be able to attend.

    Last Sunday, for the second time, a small group of masked choir members went to three different homes to sing to those who are home bound. It was great being with the singers and seeing people we haven’t seen for such a long time. I also felt our strong bond revived again.

    I mentioned recently the great staff and volunteers we have, but that is just the tip of the iceberg of all the people who are committed to ministry at John Knox Presbyterian Church. I realize there are times when the needs of people change and they need to move on to another faith community or their circumstances change which precludes them from attending. Yet, I am so grateful for those who are able to keep their connection active and alive with JKPC. I appreciate the commitment of so many people to this ministry, even when not everyone can fully support our direction, still many continue with us at JKPC because of their commitment to a special program or to a special group of people.

    It is okay not to agree with all that JKPC stands for, but the prayer recorded in John 17 by Jesus is perhaps one of the most important prayers for every generation of believers. It is the prayer asking God to help us be “One.” This is the sign which is most telling for people outside of our community of faith of God’s spirit active in our community, John 17:22-23.

    We can be “One” even if we have differences of emphasis. So for those who are able to stay committed to this church body I thank you. God is certainly not done with us in regards to our own spiritual growth and God will always use fallible human beings to do and live in amazing ways. We are the ones who are called to fulfill the ministry we have here at JKPC and it takes everyone living out their commitment and working together to be the visible sign of an active living God in this community. I believe we are all called to not only receive the grace of God, but share that grace with each other, and the world around us.

    So as we gather again or see each other again or come home again, let us rejoice that God has given us each other and a ministry which will witness to His glory and grace, here on earth.

    Seeking opportunities to share His grace with others with you,

    Pastor Randy

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