Community in Action October 27, 2020

Walking today I noticed a pair of Egrets which seem to be in the same location fairly regularly. Most mornings these two are standing about ten feet apart, beyond the required social distance protocol, focusing on their own particular area, but always keeping that approximate distance as they wander to and fro along the canal.

    What I finding interesting is not only are there two Egrets together because usually I see only lone Egrets during my walk, but that these two are of different species. One is a Common Egret and one is a Snowy Egret. One is about four feet tall and the other is about two feet tall. One has black feet and the other has yellow feet. One has a smooth head, while the other has a plumed head. Look it up on google so you you have a better picture of these two different birds.

    As we near a time when we will be electing a president for the next four years I think of the divide which has been widening between these two candidates and their constituents. The unrest and tension is exacerbated by the corona virus pandemic. People seem on edge and the new surges of cases is not helping.

    I am hoping and praying we can take a lesson from nature and seek ways in which we can acknowledge our common interests. We all want the best for our country and we all want the best for this world. We want the best for our children and their children and we want to occupy a land that is becoming whole and not being torn apart.

    I find one of the most challenging acts I have to do is to listen. We each have our own story and that story is important enough to be told. Yet if we aren’t wiling to listen to the story of others how can we expect others to listen to our own.

    As I watched those two Egrets wandering the canal together I also noticed the many other Egrets which were alone. There were Common Egrets and Snowy Egrets all seeking food and shelter on their own. They certainly looked healthy in their own individual worlds, but the two which shared their world were to be me an illustration that there is room for us all.

    No matter what the outcome we need to try to work together. No one has all the answers and no one knows all the questions. I pray that we will learn to hear the concerns of each other and we will be able to find a way to celebrate our common joys.

    I hope the areas of my concern in our nation will be addressed as I would like to seem them addressed, but if not I need to find constructive ways to address them myself. I hope that I can be an instrument of good, wholeness, and grace as I walk to and fro on this earth. I hope that we can find alternatives to all our concerns that will bring a sense of well being and peace.

    Praying with you,

    Pastor Randy


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