Community in Action October 28, 2020

Today I opted out of swimming. Feeling okay, but not 100% I decided it may be a moment for self-care. I think I was inspired by my walk along the canal yesterday. I have noticed that if I go early in the day I see less people and more birds so I figured if I go really early both of those meetings would expand. I would see even fewer people, not that I don’t want to see people it is just nice to walk in solitude sometimes, and I would see more birds.

    So the other day I walked about 45 minutes earlier, just as the sun was peaking over the hills. I saw fewer people, but much to my disappointment I saw fewer birds. So as I was walking yesterday, as the morning became brighter, I noticed Egrets and other Herons starting to populate the canal. I saw birds flying into the canal not just along it. I realized that earlier time I walked the birds weren’t even flying yet. They were waiting for more light and perhaps a bit warmer weather.

    I figured the birds were not worried about the early bird catches the worm, but instead were waiting so they could see the worm in the first place. There is perfect time when there is enough light but not as many disturbances or as many people out walking.

    So today I decided it was a good day to sleep in a bit. I did not need to rush off to swim in the colder weather. I could wait until the sun was a bit higher in the sky before I ventured outside and I didn’t have to worry about standing by the pool only in my swim suit waiting for the okay to jump in.

    Sometimes it is hard to allow yourself time for self-care. Especially now when the exercise options are more limited and we are inside so much. We can’t do the activities we have done for years to get our body energized. We can’t chat with other people at the fitness center or talk with people while out walking or feed our social needs with community activities. So we must be intentional and diligent to make sure we find new ways to care for our selves.

    Swimming more often has been a great change, but still I need to gauge how often and how much I should do to keep me healthy. I can over do it.

    So if this week you are starting to feel a bit run down or depleted or even anxious, do something to allow your body and soul some comfort. Go ahead and sleep in a bit or chat on the phone a bit longer with a friend or have that bowl of ice cream. It is okay to care for your self, it is the only self you have and you can’t care for others when your own body and soul are depleted.

    Stay warm, stay safe, and take care,

    Pastor Randy

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