Community in Action October 30, 2020

“Wish me Good Luck.” This was the response I got when I asked a young man on the phone if there was anything I could do for him. I have mentioned before that when I am on a service call, that is when someone is helping me with an issue I like to end the call by thanking them and then asking, “Is there anything I can do for you?”

    I was speaking to representative from the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies who was in Israel. I was talking to him about a change in courses I wanted to make. He efficiently and effectively was able to make the change I wanted. I asked him this question and he laughed and then said, “Wish me Good Luck.”

    I used to cringe when people talked about good luck. In my younger days I was all about being blessed and reminding myself and others about God’s sovereignty, so when someone shared a concern about their life I instead of saying Good Luck I would say I will pray for God’s blessings on you. Somehow I thought talking about luck was like talking about fate or talking about the sports gods or inviting chance into the conversation, and this was a false belief.

    As I have mellowed and hopefully become more understanding with folks I have agreed to meet people where they are. I want them to know they are an important and valued person not just someone to take care of my needs. If they believe in fate or the baseball gods or in luck I am not there to dissuade them, but if we ever have a serious conversation I may mentioned that I put my trust in God not chance.

    So when this young man responded to my question and said wish me good luck I asked him if there was anything in particular he wanted luck for. He said no, just he wanted to be lucky in life. I figured now was not the time to talk about God and how Jesus was the one I relied on, not luck. So I wished him Good Luck, he thanked me. If sometime down the road we connect again and we can grow in our relationship with each other I might share part of my story with him, but for now I was just there to hear his request and meet him where he was at.

    By asking him if there was anything he wanted luck with I was able to let him know I was interested in who he was and what concerns he had. I wasn’t there to persuade him to believe as I believe, but I was there to walk with him if he had any pressing concerns.

    I think we are to model Jesus and when Jesus was wandering the hillsides and valleys in Israel he met people where they were at. He addressed each person individually and didn’t ask them to correct their theology, but addressed their personal concerns. He listened to their story and focused his attention and message on their needs. There have been times when I have asked someone if there was anything I could do for them and we have talked about their family or their job or their circumstances. I have even told them, if it seems right, that I will pray for them.

    So if you ask me to wish you Good Luck I may respond “Good Luck,” but actually I am praying that God will meet you were you are at and guide you in the best way there is for you. I will be praying that whatever your concerns God will ease them and guide you to a remedy that will help you grow and become more like the person he longs for you to be.

    I hope you day is a good day, which means I hope you are able to grow in your faith and live a life that is full (see John 10:10).

    Blessings to you (or Good Luck),

    Pastor Randy

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