Community in Action October 7, 2020

Today was a “Fall” morning. The air was crisp, cool, and a reminder that Fall is right around the corner. I decided yesterday I would start pulling up the garden plants that were no longer producing, though this year the harvest was pretty dismal, except for cucumbers. So today I pulled up the tomato plants, a couple more yellow zucchini squash plants, and harvested two more cucumbers,

    I am trying to decide how much new soil and amendments to add to the garden area and how long I need to wait before I plant a winter garden. I lost my artichoke plant last year after cutting it back way too far. It has been a consistent producer of a dozen or more fruits for about three years. I had salvaged it from the Lowe’s discount plant corner and it had reciprocated by bountiful harvests for three years.

    I have found broccoli, kale, and cauliflower do well in the location I have for our garden. There is some sun, but not as much as I would like. There is definitely a difference as to which side of the garden the vegetables grow best. As long as there are grocery stores I won’t go hungry.

    The change of seasons in California are not like they are in Iowa. In California the Fall seems to come and go over about a month time until it finally decides it is here to stay. In Iowa it swoops in all at once and requires us to keep our coats on until it is time for our snow boots, perhaps six weeks later.

    The few trees whose leaves change colors in Dublin are a wonder in the community and the rains are always a welcome site after a dry summer. When the canals start to fill again and the water for the sprinkler systems get turned off, I know that Fall is definitely here.

    Soon I will graduate from shorts to jeans for work and the light sweatshirt will come out for morning travel to work. I will again have to set the timer anew for lights on and off around the buildings and I am thankful for the warning bell when I forget to turn my lights off when I arrive at work.

    I am ready for a change and hopefully soon we will be able to enjoy the invigorating weather on a daily basis. It is also a good time to recommit to new devotional readings or bible study plans. You could even commit to the Prophets Class I will be teaching starting October 18th. We will begin with the Passionate Prophet - Elijah.

    Well I hope in the next week or two I will again be working in the soil for a bountiful harvest come February.

    Blessings and embrace the change,

    Pastor Randy

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