Community in Action: Passion April 23, 2020

Community in Action

“Christians are people with a definite passion.”

                                Karl Barth

    As we consider our creaturehood given to us from God, we have talked about being a creature of purpose. Yesterday I talked about the importance of our presence, God did not just conjure up some spirits to keep him company, but God made individuals who have a personality, character, and a soul. One final aspect I want to discuss is what it means to be a God-created being. I want to discuss God’s gift to us of passion.

    There are things in this world that excite us, motivate us, give us energy to function in this world. This is an inner drive given to us by God. There are times when our passion is running low and we feel lost or dispirited. There are other times when our juices are flowing. We have a creative solution for a problem or we are struck by the beauty and wonder around us or we are just truly excited about living. This is our God given passion.

    Since we believe we are a spiritual being so too we are should be passionate about our faith. Our faith should be evident to those around us. Sometimes our faith is a quiet, peaceful, steady faith, which people notice during stressful times. Sometimes it is a motivating, courageous, action-oriented faith like when we fully embrace a cause or an endeavor. But Barth says if faith of Christians is passionate then “in no circumstances . . . can they be cowards, blind-worms, bored, boring, or commonplace.”

    This passion most of all should be directed to honoring God. Zeal for the honor of God is characteristic of people such as Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Jr., or perhaps a person whom we look to as our spiritual mentor. These people are high profile examples but it does not lessen our need to also live with a passion, sometimes a quiet, deep flowing passion or highly motivated passion to be the image of God. shining in this world.

    Tomorrow I want to mention how Jesus in the gospels calls us to live out the three PPP’s of our personhood. We are a people who have a purpose, who have a presence, and who have deep within us a passion. All three which make us an unique people on this planet. Let us be the light to the world, an example of what a follower of God is really like.

    Blessings to you and yours,

    Pastor Randy

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