Community in Action "Presence" April 22, 2020

Community in Action

“In him we live and move and have our being” (Acts 17:28)

    This is a quote from Paul in Acts when he is addressing the Athenians about their altar “To An Unknown God.” He makes it clear to them that there is a living God who is above all. It is this God who longs to be connected to the ones he created, which is us.

    He points out that GOD is not made of gold or silver or stone, but is a divine being who wants to have a relationship with his creation. God wants us to know that it is our very essence our personality, our character, and our very soul is with whom he wants to connect. God longs for us us to be his companions, not just slaves or servants or subjects, but as Jesus said in John 15:15b, “I have called you friends.

    God has a purpose for us, as I mentioned yesterday, but that purpose is because he wants to work with us, to co-create with us, in a world that is made to blossom, shine, be the wonder it was created to be.

    The quote above is actually from a Cretan philosopher names Epimenides who Paul is using because this would have been a quote the Athenians would recognize. So too God wants to let us know in our language that he loves us and longs to connect with us. God speaks our language so we can understand his desires instead of expecting us to learn his language or expecting us to break the “code” which would allow us to be his true followers.

    God accepts us as we are in our very essence, but God wants us to become even more. God loves us as we exist, we don’t have to earn his love. It is our presence which God longs to embrace. Let us acknowledge this great God who created us actually loves “Us,” our presence and we can in response love him back.

    Seeking to share my presence with God as you do also,

    Pastor Randy

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