Community in Action "Purpose" April 21, 2020

Community in Action

This week I want to focus on three “P’s.” I want us to look at purpose, presence, and passion. These all make up who we are on this earth and who we are to become in God’s eyes. You may be surprised at what I will be sharing from my reading Breakfast with Barth about these three areas, I was. And I thought it was so cool I wanted to share these thoughts with you.

    Purpose isn’t necessarily where we begin in life or in our thinking about life, but it is the most important. I have found during this uncertain time I question my purpose a lot more than I used to. I have even had trouble going back to sleep when I wake up earlier than I need to and start thinking about what is my purpose, and sometimes if I even have any?

    Barth says in his Church Dogmatics “[God] does not will to be God without us, or to exist as such. He call us to his side. He summons us to make his purposes and aims the object of our own desire.” What I take away from this is that God in his very presence, and essence, longs for us to be partners in this universe with him.

    God didn’t just create us to play with us, as a child plays with legos or model clay figures. God made us to be his companions in the universe in which we live. We are to be enjoying and drinking in the beauty, wonder, and amazing creation all around us. We are also to be co-creators on this planet. That is the whole point of the symbolism with Adam naming all the creatures.

    Naming means we have a certain amount of control or, better understood, responsibility for this world. We are to partner with God in making this world function as it was created to function. We are to aid everyone, everywhere, all the time, to become the best they can be.

    On the one hand this seems overwhelming, but on the other hand this is exciting because I know I am not alone to do this. God and others are partnering with me to help each of us become the best we can be. We have a potential that is limited only by our own minds, but with God and others in this world we can strive to reach that potential and become all we can be. This is an awesome task, that is an amazing opportunity, we are here to live hand in hand with God, that is our true purpose.


    Pastor Randy

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