Community in Action September 10, 2020

This afternoon I am looking at my fish, “Dart.” She is a red female half-moon beta. I had to get all the adjectives in there because she isn’t just a fish. She isn’t just a beta, and she isn’t just fish colored.

    It is fun to watch her swim around. She doesn’t stay in one place very long and she moves different fins at different times. She wiggles her back fin and then seems to let the others just float along. Then she darts to the left and then to the right. She is very active, which is fun to watch.

    She rises to the surface every morning when I feed her and always begs for more. Actually I am kidding about the begging, but she doesn’t seem to be too full at feeding time. She definitely is ready to eat, but it is very quiet about it.

    What brings you joy or peace or a quieting of your anxious thoughts? I also like to walk outside. My garden hasn’t done too well this summer, but it is still nice just to sit next to my little frog fountain. I love watching things grow, though it seems I get more stem and flowers than fruit. Still to see a seedling grow from three inches to a six foot vine or a two feet pepper plant or a four foot tomato plant is satisfying.

    I actually also like to wash our cars. It reminds me of my father who always washed our cars on Sunday afternoons. The squirting of the hose, the moving of the wash cloth over the sides, front, and back of the car while watering the plants in the berm at the same time. Seeing the windows get clean and washing off the grime along the doors. I don’t particularly enjoy cleaning the front grille from bugs, but it is great to see a once bespectacled front come clean.

    Something both of these final two activities involve being outside usually during the cool morning. Though I remember washing the car with my mom when we were in Germany during a freezing November day. She was washing it and asked me to join her, I wasn’t really keen on doing it, but I think our house host told me my mom shouldn’t be doing it alone. I was at that age very compliant and couldn’t come up with a good excuse not to.

    Do you have something you do which helps calm your soul? Something which eases your mind and something which keeps your hands busy? Activity with the body seems to help when the heart is anxious and the brow is furrowed.

    Just so you know Dart is my second fish this fall. The first blue wonder died within 24 hours, so if your first attempt at distraction doesn’t work try something else or just get another fish.

    Savoring these few moments of peace with you,

    Pastor Randy

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