Community in Action September 12, 2020

Today is another day when it is best to be inside. We just ordered a Hepa filter, it may get here after the air is cleared, but with the wild fire season just starting we decided we should still get one. It is always hard to decide how best to plan for the future.

    As you know we planned to have our first Corona Indoor Service back on June 21st and the next thing we knew the state of California was in lock down. We ended up waiting it out till the okay for Outdoor Services came through in July. We planned to start doing all the services outdoors, with our first on the 2nd of August. The Wifi didn’t cooperate so many of you got to see our Facebook Live fail. Oh, a few bits of the service came through, but the continuity was lost between recorded songs and live Outdoor segments.

    The 9th of August went great. I was thankful for Michael Boyland stepping while I was gone. I was excited about the 16th for the hardwiring of the internet worked most excellently, thanks again Jerry Miller. 

    We were ready to go, then the rain storm hit on the 16th, we stuck it out even with lightening flashes in the sky. In retrospect we were probably not as safe as we could be, but thankfully no disasters that day, except a bit wet as we did the Outdoor Service with liquid sunshine raining down our heads and other body parts.

    The next week, on the 23rd the air quality turned unsafe, so we did a virtual baptism, that is a baptism with an almost empty sanctuary, band members a couple of extras present. The 30th we had a great Outdoor service and the 6th of September went well, we were on a roll. We decided Outdoors would work through the fall until the rains hit again, then this last week the smoke rolled in, again.

    So tomorrow it is back to a virtual indoor service. We plan and God laughs, a truly timeless Hebrew saying. Yet the point is God is still with us through rain or shine, indoors or outdoors, internet or not, God is with us, Emmanuel.

    I am so thankful for a staff, both paid and volunteer, which is so flexible and willing to adjust to the weather in sunny California. I am starting to think it just might be safer to move to the midwest, of course just recently they had a hurricane. Actually it is called a derecho or an “inland hurricane” which traveled through six states and left 800,000 people without power.

    Tomorrow as we remember we have a God who is more powerful than any derecho we will be praying for those who have lost homes, possessions, family members, and had their hope scorched these last few weeks.

    We will pray for safety for those fighting these fires and those recovering from the result of these fires and we will give thanks for the opportunity we have to be in a safe place.

    Let us not forget those who are experiencing the worst wild fire in our history and let us seek ways we can be of service to them as we spend tomorrow praising our God.

    Praising and praying with you,

    Pastor Randy

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