Community in Action September 15, 2020

So, on Sunday I mentioned the best prayer ever is “Thank You.” It is not only the epitome of the best prayer dialogue with God, but it replaces my understanding of “The prayer that never fails.”

    On Sunday I told about the first time I heard of “The prayer that never fails” was when I read a novel by Jan Karon about an episcopal priest named Father Tim Kavanagh. Father Tim mentions “The prayer that never fails” is when we say “Thy will be done.” Truly that would be a prayer that trusts God and gives all submission to the one who created us, redeemed us, and sustains us.

    I think “Thy will be done” is a difficult, but important prayer. Yet, I think the next step down that path is the prayer that responds to all God did, is doing, and will do in our lives but praying “Thank You.” “Thank You” is not an easy response to the way sometimes my life unfolds. I suggested yesterday that sometime this week when something happens to you which you would normally complain to God about, to instead say “Thank You.”

    I have been frustrated this last week with not being able to swim. The last couple of weeks when the air quality has been so bad the pools in San Ramon have shut down, canceling all swim times, even those in which I was fortunate enough to reserve.

    So this week when signs up were open for non-residents I found one slot available on Monday. I got in for a 1:00 pm time for the first time in a week. I was so excited and then the air quality did not get better over the weekend so the reservation was canceled. I decided I would check with the Pleasanton Aquatic center. 

    There was also a time open. This is the first time I have seen an opening at Pleasanton. The opening was 9:30 am on Tuesday. I would be able to work around this time and get to swim again. Yes! Then I realized I had scheduled a Dentist appointment a month ago for that day at that time. I was not happy.

    I checked again this morning and that opening was still available in Pleasanton, but I needed to get a check up at the Dentist so I by passed that opportunity. I also checked the San Ramon pools, again, I have been checking all weekend, and I saw there was one opening for the week.

    As I scrolled down the calendar I saw that opening was also for Tuesday, and the time for the opening was, you guessed it, for 9:00 am. Really? The only two openings for the week in Pleasanton and San Ramon were at the exact time of my Dentist appointment. Based on my sermon from yesterday I could only look up to the heavens raise my fist and say “Thank You God.”

    I know this is a minor irritation, but I realized that to say thank you is the best response I could make to our heavenly Father. Did God cause these times to coincide with my Dentist appointment? Probably not, but then I needed to trust God that something good will still happen, and it did.

    When I checked again on-line for the Pleasanton swim times I found an opening on Wednesday. Yes, another opening appeared. There were no other openings in San Ramon so Pleasanton it was. I was going to be able to swim, at least once this week. I was so excited.

    So, Wednesday I am arranging my schedule to go swimming that day. Tomorrow I will be up at 5:30 am to drive to Pleasanton to go swimming. You see the time available for lap swimming in Pleasanton is 6:00 - 7:00 am. And I am saying to God a big “Thank You,” at least until I get notice that the air quality is bad again and they have to cancel.

    I am truly thankful that I will be able to swim, even though I will be up before the sun tomorrow, but not before the Son is up and walking with me, or swimming with me, when I swim my laps.

    Striving to say “Thank you” with you,

    Pastor Randy

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