Community in Action September 17, 2020

I can always tell when I get overbooked because I start forgetting to buy things at the store requested by Joan or when I forget an appointment I made or don’t follow through on an assignment. Not that those things don’t happen when I am not stressed, but they start to accumulate when I commit to do too many events, projects, or meetings.

    So how do you establish boundaries or limits? I like to keep active, I like to help out others, and I like to be involved in a variety of activities. But, I need to use my calendar more often and keep track of what I can actually handle.

    I love to say “Yes,” but there will be times I just need to say “No.” I think one step I can take is to tell someone I will get back to them because I want to make sure I have the time to follow through. I think another is to check with my social director, my wife, to make sure that I don’t have a conflict with something she has planned or wants to do that my absence would cause a problem.

    If the request involves more than one meeting or more than one hour or more planning than I can do that day, then I may need to pray about it. I may need to ask God and myself is this something that I have the skills to do, is this something that is part of my calling, or is this something which is life-giving for me?

    I do think I need to say yes more often than I say no. I also think that I need to be willing to do things in which I may feel uncomfortable, but will help me grow as a person or grow in my faith. But I also think I need to be sure that I am the witness God has called me to be and there is little worse than agreeing to do, say, or participate in something and not give it my all.

    “And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” Colossians 3:17

    So I am going to start to monitor more closely my participation in continuing and new obligations. I am going to be open to new things, but take into account my human limitations. I am going to continue to celebrate God being in my life, but remember I am a witness to God’s faithfulness, therefore I need to be faithful in all commitments large or small, time consuming or not, and I am not the only that can do things. God is in charge and I need to remember I am merely an assistant called to follow God’s lead.

    Learning to follow more closely with you,

    Pastor Randy

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