Community in Action September 19, 2020

This morning I was struck by how creative some people are. I noticed a man walking his dog wearing the “cone of shame.” You know that plastic cone collar animals have to wear when they are healing from a wound that can’t be licked or stitches that can’t be chewed on. Our cat “Honor” had the privilege of wearing one of those this week.

    I thought about the process someone must have gone through to come up with that idea. I am sure they saw the problem when an animal has to be kept from licking or biting an injury which needs to be kept clean and dry to heal. I wondered if first they were concerned how can they cover up the wound so an animal wouldn’t bite, gnaw, or lick it.

    Perhaps they first considered a bandage which would adhere easily, but couldn’t be torn off or chewed through. Maybe they thought of some kind of sleeve or body suit which would protect the wound but allow air to circulate for healing. Some how they got to the point of thinking of a way to keep the animal from reaching the wound with their mouth. Amazingly they came up with an adjustable cone which would guard the wound by not allowing the mouth of the animal to reach the recovering area.

    The head cone was an awesomely creative way to protect the area of healing. God has given all of us that ability to create. We are in fact reflections of God’s image, we are co-creators in this world.

    Think of all the ways you have had to adjust or modify your living habits these last six months as we cope with this pandemic. Many of us have had to modify our shopping patterns, we have had to find new ways to keep in touch with friends, and we have had to figure out how to continue our work through the internet or develop a new exercise schedule to keep fit.

    If nothing else this season can show us how resilient we as a God-created people can be. We have learned the importance of social interaction and learned that we need to be the initiator or sender as well as the receiver.

    I give thanks for all the people who have used their creativity to help me cope better during this time. Those in our congregation who have helped us put together virtual or outdoor worship. Those who have found a way to disinfect shopping carts on a massive scale at Costco or provide efficient ways to serve the public in a socially distant manner in the grocery store.

    I think of cities coming up with ways to help those less fortunate for clean air quarters or facilities to shelter against the elements, especially after this recent cloud of smoke moving through the bay area. I think of school districts struggling to help students, teachers, and parents to adjust to new ways of learning. Even a simple thing like drive by birthday parties or anniversaries is a great idea.

    God has truly given us a gift to adjust or modify the ways we do things. Let us rely on the Spirit to help us through these unprecedented times first with a sense of confidence that we will make it and secondly with creative solutions for what seem like impregnable problems.

    God is with us and has gifted us in such a way that we can and will cope.

    Seeking to use the creativity God has given me with you,

    Pastor Randy

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