Community in Action September 1, 2020

Yesterday was an amazing day for me. I had a chance to swim, dead head some roses, rebark (Lowe’s had a sale) our berm and front yard, and I purchased two new lantana plants for $1 each. I spent the rest of the day doing errands and I only forget to buy two things.

    Don’t you hate it when you go to the store and you know what five things you need, then you get distracted by some other additional items you decided to purchase and you forget one of the first five you were supposed to buy. Well I did that, twice! I guess I will have to wait another day to purchase pumpkin seeds and a new hose for the front yard.

    I think another reason why yesterday was such a great day, that even though I was busy running errands, I actually love to drive, and working in the yard it was something completely different than I do the other six days of the week. It may not sound like it, but yesterday was a Sabbath day for me. It was a day when I’m pondering my place in this world and attending to 

God’s nudges in my life.

    It is so hard to take a Sabbath day, a day of rest or a day when you focus on God in your life. Yet what I was doing yesterday brings me a sense of fulfillment and I noticed God’s presence everywhere. The quiet times in the yard as I am working the soil reminds me there is no one else making dirt. The pruning of the rose bushes reminds me of God’s activity in our lives when we run our hands across a thorn, the act of cutting our hand is not caused by God, but how we respond can be God directed.

    As I interact with people in the stores or on the freeway or as they walk by the house reminds me of the community in which I am placed. A community in which I can bring good or ill.

    Speaking of which I either made a friend of our new neighbors next door or an irritant. Sunday night while doing the preliminary yard work for the next day I mowed their front lawn. They have been slowly moving in over the last couple of weekends and yet they seem absent pretty much during the week.

    I noticed the lawns hadn’t been mowed for the last month, partly due to the changing ownership of the house and partly because I don’t think the new owners have a lawn mower. Well since I was mowing our front lawn I just ran it over the lawn next door.

    I saw one of the occupants Sunday night late and told him I hoped he didn’t mind. He said no that it was great to have it done. He said another of his roommates was the one interested in gardening and at some point she was going to get to it.

    I don’t usually do something for someone without permission, but this time I thought what the heck, do it and see what happens. So I did.

    I think that act on Sunday actually gave me the impetus for all the work I did on Monday. A day which I was busy, but attentive to God’s word to me.

    I hope you are able to take a Sabbath this week. I hope you are able to spend some time pondering, listening, and responding to the God who loves you more than you can ever imagine.

    Seeking times of rest with you,

    Pastor Randy

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