Community in Action September 21, 2020

The last couple of weeks I have found myself hurrying through chores and projects so much I have been making mistakes or missing things. These are not major projects, but minor tasks, like watering the garden. Yesterday I forgot to turn off the water to the garden and I forget to finish cleaning out the cat box last night.

    I have found myself gulping at life and not sipping. You know when you are drinking a lot of water and you gulp as opposed to sip. Sometimes when you gulp it is because you are thirsty and at other times you are just in a hurry. I find that when I gulp in a hurry that I miss my mouth at times, the water runs down my shirt and on to the floor. Funny, huh. Yet the main reason this happens is not because my mouth is in the wrong place, but I am not focused on the task at hand. Instead I am just trying to get the task done as quickly as possible, which means I can become careless in my executing of the task.

    When I sip water or tea or coffee I am tasting what I am drinking. I am letting the flavors play in my mouth and enjoying the moment. This is a completely different experience than the gulping. Even mundane tasks can be enjoyed if you take time to do them right and completely.

    A well made bed actually brings me some satisfaction knowing that it is not only a place I will sleep, but it is pleasing to the eye with the pillows arranged just right and the blankets at the bottom smoothed out and placed symmetrically on the bed (at least this is what Joan has taught me).

    So the reason for this text today is to remind me, and maybe you, to take your time in doing daily chores. Strive to do them well. This can also be a good habit to take your time doing these tasks so the larger or more important tasks will receive the attention they need to be done well. And you can enjoy the final product more fully. Finally, once the task is complete you can then move on to doing something more enjoyable or just relax and drink in the world around you.

    I like sipping so much better than gulping. It also doesn’t get coffee all over my shirt which then requires another of those mundane tasks, like laundry.

    Learning to sip in life with you,

    Pastor Randy

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