Community in Action September 22, 2020

I need your help. This is not a scam and actually I would like some suggestions from you about what to put on our sign out front. We currently have listed our Facebook Live service and that we have Outdoor Worship, just call to sign up.

    In the past we put special events or an uplifting quote for about two weeks at a time on the sign. There is of course limited space and we don’t get a lot of traffic by that sign though I have had people in the community tell me they read the sign. Some even look for it when they drive or walk by to see what we have on it.

    We have a couple of resources for sayings, but sometimes they are a bit trite and other times they are too long. So if you have any thoughts please email me or the church jkpcdublin@sbcglobal.net.

    By the way I have now added another place to swim to my resume. The Wave in Dublin is open from 6:00 to 9:00 am. This morning was great. The one drawback is they only have a forty-five minutes swim time instead of 50-60 minutes, but this morning when I asked when we could get in they let me in early.

    I have found most people working the pools have been very accommodating in all three cities. In fact in San Ramon sometimes the recognize me when I check in and I don’t even have to say my name. Maybe it is the Giants Mask or my beaming smile behind the mask, any way it is nice to be recognized and treated well at all three pools.

    I hope your day will be one of blessing for you and for those whom you meet.

    Peace to you,

    Pastor Randy

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