Community in Action September 23, 2020

I want to say a shout out to all those who have been working so hard to not only keep the campus functioning effectively, but to also upgrade the campus including some new landscaping. If you haven’t seen the campus recently a drive by would include the new plants along the east side (outside the fence from the Joy Play yard towards the parking lot). A newly trimmed front and side area around the sanctuary.

    There is the great Eagle project by Will Plechaty, and friends, in the entry way on the Northside of the church. This is a new recycling center with counter space on top, please follow the directions on the signs for placing your items in the receptacles.

    We have new LED lights in the Fellowship Hall and of course the amazing, fantastic, fully modern kitchen, but it still doesn’t clean itself, please help us to keep it clean. We are getting new locks on the Joy Classroom doors which will now lock from the inside.

    We definitely will be ready when we are given the “Go” sign from the County Health Department to open for Indoor Worship as well as to begin again hosting space for non-profit organizations.

    Of course this has been done with all volunteer hours which reminds us that the church is not the campus or the building, but the people who gather together. Sometimes the gathering is not in person or includes both in person and virtual, like our Facebook Live services.

    We have weathered and continue to weather the squalls, storms, and blazing sun during these trying times. We are becoming a more resilient people who rely on each other and our faith during this difficult times.

    I have really been blessed by the music and participation during our worship times. Though I look forward to being together in a confined space, with or without masks, I have really enjoyed being outside. Seeing the blue sky and hearing the birds twitter during the messages or the musical pieces has been a true blessing.

    Again it has been the people who have worked so hard to make the service happen and those who assist during the service as well as the conversational times I have with people after the service while we clean up and put things away. Those conversations have been special.

    I am learning a little bit more about different people each time we gather together and I will definitely no longer take for granted what we had when we meet inside to praise, petition, and preach the good news.

    I hope you are able to tune in to the services and if not you can watch them on Youtube later. I also hope that you are able to take a moment to reach out to someone by phone or by a letter to let them know you are lifting them up in prayer.

    It is these little acts we do as a community which keeps the “church” functioning. So let us keep in touch and keep connected as we grow in our faith. And some day we will live into the Promised Land, be it here or up there.


    Pastor Randy

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