Community in Action September 25, 2020

I found out that some of you received a notice that I needed your help and to please email, by reply, so I could share with you my need. If you checked where the email was to go you would see it was not my church account, but a gmail account. This gmail account was set up by who ever wanted to get your reply.

    Please note that I will not email you for any need that requires money or gift cards or anything of that nature. In the office we are working on finding away to block this person from using our email list to solicit funds under false pretenses.

    I am in the midst of praying for the needs of this person who is obviously unable to provide for him or herself without trying to scam others. I think people in this situation sometimes can’t see other alternatives or perhaps have moved to the path of least resistance.

    I often think that people who take from others have no idea that they can be givers also. There are so many people who feel they have no worth, no gifts, and nothing to offer the world and yet they have so much they could give.

    I know when things don’t go well for me I sometimes think it is my fault and the first thing I do is a criticize myself. I look for the ways I have not lived up to my potential or remember those things I have not done well. This negative talk is not helpful. It is one thing to review a situation that you could have handled better and another to denigrate or belittle oneself.

    I believe this self-talk is inspired by the enemy. We can easily think of ways we have not done enough or not done something right, but we need to counter that with ways in which we have stepped up in times of trial or had the courage to stand up for what is right.

    I can not impress on people enough how much are loved by God and because of that how much worth they have. They are not only loved by God, but they are created by God as a partner in his creation. We are called to use our gifts and good qualities to make this a better world. We are not here to tear down, but to build up.

    So when someone does you wrong try to think of them as a person who is bound by their past or pulling things out of their emotional baggage which has never been addressed. People who take or denigrate others are just acting out their rage at being disappointed in themselves. There are limits to which they should be allowed to act out, but they are in desperate need to receive the love God has for them. And that love is as much as the love God has for you.

    So let’s acknowledge we are loved by God and try to pray for those who are still searching or who are still pushing God away.

    We are all precious to God we just need to know it.

    Remembering God’s love for each of us with you,

    Pastor Randy

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