Community in Action September 26, 2020

On the way to the pool this morning I noticed the electronic sign at Cal High read “Tuesday and Thursday Odd days.” So only Tuesday and Thursday this next week will be “odd” days. That is a relief!! Actually they also listed the class period numbers which all had odd numbers. Evidently they do the odd number periods on two days and I would think probably “even” number periods on two other days.

    I had to chuckle. I mean it seems every week there is an odd day. Sometimes it is breaking the weather record or the air quality is like L.A. or some other news that causes some concern. I have forgotten what normal is like, how about you?

    Tomorrow we will talk about the chaos that seems to dominate our lives and the unease which it seems to cause. But then we will also be reminded that God is with us and God will care for us for it is God who holds it all together. God is the one who brings us comfort and strength in the midst of our weakness and concerns.

    It some ways this really “odd” as well for by all indications our world has all the potential of spinning out of control, but it doesn’t. Why is that? Why do we keep circling the sun and not spin off into space? Why do the famines and pandemics not defeat us? Why do the storms of life and the ensuing disorder not completely overwhelm us? I believe it is because God is here for us.

    So as you prepare for celebrating God’s sovereignty, God’s mercy, and God’s love tomorrow take heart God is here to meet you wherever you are at. Whatever you are going through God longs to bring you grace and peace.

    I hope tomorrow, as odd as it is, will bring you a sense of God’s love for you and for all whom you love.


    Pastor Randy

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