Community in Action September 28, 2020

Joan and I started a new tradition today. For the last several years Joan and I have taken Mondays off together so we can run errands, swim, and enjoy a relaxed meal together. We usually went swimming in San Ramon at Cal High and then went to Sweet Tomatoes for their salad and soup bar.

    At Sweet Tomatoes we had our favorite employee who always spent time talking to us about her family and we shared about ours as well. We would eat “Linner” there, that is a combination of our Lunch and Dinner right after our daily swim.

    So when the Pandemic hit and took away our swimming in San Ramon and our eating at Sweet Tomatoes it was difficult. We were so glad when the pools opened back up in San Ramon, but no more dining at Sweet Tomatoes.

    Well today we will be swimming in Dublin, the pool today had only late afternoon times available, but we went for an early Brunch at “The Downtown Cafe” in Pleasanton. This is a place where Joan has joined other friends for breakfast and conversation. It used to be called “The Rising Loafer.”

    It was wonderful. The food was great and we met a friend there who joined us for conversation. That friend also knew other people having breakfast there so not only did we have her company, but during our conversation a couple of other people dining there chimed in as well.

    It was great to support this “Cafe” which is under new management, as well as have a delightful conversation during our meal. We were able to chat about a variety of topics and it was so good to be able to interact over the breaking of bread, actually I had a piece of delicious banana bread with my breakfast.

    Later today we will go swim and finish up any errands that need to be completed before the week gets into full swing. I would encourage you to continue to look for new ways you can cope with our changing times. It is wonderful to have special routines or traditions, but when our circumstances change we need to be willing to look for alternatives.

    At first the changes may frustrate us, but I believe we have a faith which calls us to be creative, resilient, and a faithful people. We are a people who continue to trust a God which loves us more than we can ever imagine and this God wants us to flourish, not wither.

    So today if you are feeling a bit down because you can’t do what you used to be able to do, be it because of physical limitations or because of circumstantial road blocks, hang in there. God will help you find a new way to celebrate your life in this world, and to be able to pass on the good news of his love in the present and a new hope for our future.


    Pastor Randy

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