Community in Action September 29, 2020

This last weekend was a disappointing one for me. I had my hopes up, I thought things had turned around, I was so excited on Thursday that the San Francisco Giants were going to the Postseason. But they aren’t.

    They lost by one run in the 11th inning to Colorado, won the first of a doubleheader on Friday against San Diego, came from behind in the second game, but then gave up a walk off three run homer with two outs to go in the second of the doubleheader.

    Saturday they lost big time and lost by only one run on Sunday. The three other teams who needed to lose for the Giants to still be able to go to the Postseason all lost, so even with the prior losses if the Giants won on Sunday they would be in. 

    I enjoy listening to baseball and following the Giants, ever since I was in kid. When I moved to California and my father would come visit from the Midwest we always went to a Giants game. When we had our son in San Jose I would take him every once in awhile to a Giants game. Our son started playing baseball at age 5. The second year he played I was his coach and the second year I coached we tied for first place in our league.

    There was even a picture of my son, about age 7, sitting on my shoulders with SF Giant wristbands on in the San Jose Mercury News. We had gone to an open forum where they discussed the Giants moving to San Jose, which of course they didn’t do.

    The third time the Giants went to the World Series I took our son, then age 33, to watch them win the only game that Madison Bumgarner didn’t pitch (they won the series, but two of the wins Bumgarner started and the last game he came in as a reliever and pitched five innings for the final win).

    Now, sometimes I get frustrated with the economics of baseball because of the amount of money these players are getting for frolicking on the field. It certainly doesn’t seem like the best distribution of money in our country. In fact I struggle with the salaries of most professional sports players. There are so many people living below the poverty line who working so hard just to survive.

    But there is something enjoyable about seeing someone use their body and God-given talent in some amazing ways. So it is a tension I live with. The other thing I like about baseball is even though the Giants didn’t go to the Postseason, there is always next year.

    It reminds me of the final phase in the Passover Haggadah, “Next Year in Jerusalem.” This is the reminder that some day all will be right with the world. Some day God will reward all those who deserve it. Actually God will reward all of us who believe in him with what we don’t deserve, that is everlasting peace.

    So even though it was a disappointing weekend I am hopeful for the future. I am hopeful for our church, I am hopeful for our nation, I am hopeful for our world for I believe God has the last word and the word is filled with Mercy, Grace, and Love, even if they Giants don’t ever win another game.


    Pastor Randy

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