Community in Action September 30, 2020

Today is a great day!!! I went for a walk for the first time in almost a week, since I am swimming mostly now. I got to see all my friends. Right near the beginning of the canal there was a Great Blue Heron, just staring at me. I waved hello.

    Then there was a Common Egret in the shallows by the bridge, I saw later a Black-Crowned Night Heron lurking among the bushes, a score of mallards, both male and female. As I came over the bridge to see a Snowy Egret wading among the foliage. One the way back I saw with the Snowy Egret a Green Heron and Sandpiper all within 10 yards of each other, none of them had masks, but I think that is okay.

    A kite landed in the top of a tree as I sauntered along and I saw both the tuxedo cat and the snow white with a black tail cat skulking among the grasses. Finally toward the end of my canal walk there was Red-Tailed Hawk on the telephone lines and another flew down to land about 10 yards from me on the bank, but abruptly flew into a tree on the other side of the canal when it saw me.

    The variety was unusual, it was like everyone was there to greet me after having been absent from the canal walk for so long. It did my heart good to see all these animals populating the canal and it reminded me that this Sunday is World Wide Communion Sunday. 

    This is the day churches from all over the world will be celebrating communion. This is the Sunday we celebrate our oneness in Christ. It doesn’t matter about our gender, our ethnicity, or our denomination, if we have one. We are all one in Christ.

    Sunday I will remind us that God’s kingdom is full of a variety of believers and it is not God’s concern that we believe all the right things, but that we have the right relationship with God, though his son. God’s kingdom is never full enough. There is always room for one more.

    So join us this Sunday on Facebook Live or even in the North Parking Lot after the service. We will have communion during the service but also people can gather in their cars in the Parking Lot between 11:00 and 11:15. You can pick up the communion elements on your way in and at 11:15 after you have parked you will be able to tune into a special Jerry Miller radio FM radio station. I will then give a brief introduction about why we are celebrating communion together and we will all partake together. Kids and adults, drivers and passengers, walkers and riders, all sorts of ethnicities will be with us as we celebrate together our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    We will remember what Jesus has done for us and affirm our hope in his returning again as we eat our bread (or actually wafer) and raise our glass (plastic communion cup) to the one who saved us all and transforms us daily into the people he longs us to be.

    There will be enough communion elements for everyone, but as far as God is concerned there is never enough people in his growing kingdom.


    Pastor Randy

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