Community in Action September 3, 2020

Two days ago I noticed on my morning walk the air seemed a bit more crisp than usual. The gray sky overhead and the clear singing of the birds in the trees made me realize we are moving into fall. Perhaps I noticed this more particularly because of the contrast to the hot  weather we have been having lately.

    This walk reminded me of last years fall/winter walks early in the morning. Those walks were when I didn’t have to have a mask handy if I came across someone else walking in close proximity. They were walks which refreshed me and prepared me for the day ahead. They also were walks when I would see the kingfisher perched on a wire or in a tree or flying through the canal.

    About five minutes after I said this out loud I glanced to my right looking along the canal and I saw a small blue flying bird speed by me close to the water. I would swear it was the kingfisher. I remembered those days last fall/winter when I would see him, always before 8 am, either perched in a tree or on a wire chirping at me. He wouldn’t tolerate my stopping to take a picture of him, the ones I had taken were done quickly without obvious movement with my camera.

    I also thought back to the time when Covid-19 was not around or at least in every day conversation. I made me realize that some day we will no longer need to worry about wearing masks or social distancing or what stores are open and what stores are closed.

    That walk two days ago cheered me up for the whole day. This sudden reminder of what it was like B.C., Before Covid, sparked in me the hope that this constant stress of a persistent all evasive virus would some day end. This virus which seems to being wreaking havoc over our planet will someday be gone or a least corralled.

    So I don’t know what in your day brings you hope or help, but pray with me that we will not be overwhelmed by the evading concern about this virus. Yes we need to take this virus seriously and be concerned about not spreading it to our loved ones, to our acquaintances, and even to those with whom we have just cursory contact. But this too shall pass and we will again walk with freedom and no facial apparel as we enjoy the evidences of God’s hope for this world.

    Hoping and walking with you,

    Pastor Randy


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