Community in Action September 4, 2020

Recently while walking the neighborhood I have noticed some people getting their houses remodeled or painted. In fact one such house I noticed people removing the stucco all around the garage. They had cut the stucco into chunks to remove it. I had never seen that before, then I noticed they pulled off all the stucco around that section of the house.

    They eventually took out and off everything so there was only the framing left. Then I noticed they added some framing and later on started to add another story. I guess this is what you need to do when you want to add additional stories to a stucco house.

    Those houses which are being painted I noticed have plastic sheeting over all the windows and doors. They have tarps laid on the bushes and plants that are next to the house. I know this is necessary for when they spray the paint they only want to paint the house, not plants, bushes or windows.

    Preparation can sometimes take longer than the actually building or painting. I also learned this about making camp fires as a boy scout. You need to make sure you have not just matches and wood, but you start with small kindling, move to larger, then add small branches or smaller diameter pieces of wood and slowly add larger pieces as the fire starts burning.

    In order to build something you need not only plans but you need to take incremental steps in its building which includes preparation time and gathering of the materials.

    So it is with our life. We can make great plans or have great goals, but we need to take time to prepare ourselves in incremental steps to achieve those goals. What steps are you taking for growing in your faith? Are you taking time to pray, to read, and to listen to God’s voice?

    Have you felt adrift during this time of shelter-in-place? You can’t do what you have always done, attend church like you used to, meet with friends before and after church like you used to. Perhaps you depended on choir practice or work days or Community Life events to keep in touch. These are not happening now, but we do have some alternatives.

    Litwits is still meeting through zoom and some in-person small gatherings. SWELL is still meeting through zoom and there was a Ladies Virtual Brunch in August. We are having a zoom chat after the services now sponsored by the Deacons. Note: This will not happen this week because we will have drive - in communion in the parking lot. See the Wednesday Update for September 2nd). I am also hosting a time to “Chat with the Pastor” on Wednesdays at 1:30 pm.

    As we make adjustments during this time we appreciate your flexibility and willingness to try new things. So remember making adjustments means we need adjust our expectations and to prepare to do something new. It may take longer than you want to learn to adjust to zoom calls or to get used to virtual events, but it is all worth it. The outcome will help you become more diverse in your computer skills and the content of these church events will help you grow in your faith. 

    Let us be willing to take the time to learn new things, to do the preparation needed, and to enjoy what new things we learn and accomplish.

    Being flexible and diversified with you,

    Pastor Randy

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