Community in Action September 5, 2020

So I understand that September 28th is National Neighbor Day. I read that Next Door is asking people for stories about what good things neighbors have done for them. It may not even be a neighbor, but maybe just someone you encountered in your daily walk. Perhaps someone letting you go first in line or a wave from another walker along the street or maybe someone picking up trash in your neighborhood.

    I think this is a great idea. It helps us focus on the people who are doing something positive in our lives. I noticed on the Next Door site some positive things being said about help being given without being asked, but also there are those who complain about the neighbor's animals, dogs or cats usually. Or sometimes someone complains a walker isn’t using a mask or making too much noise at night or maybe a reoccurring transgression of people not stopping at the stop signs at intersections.

    It is difficult not to get bothered by those things we think should be common sense to everyone or flagrant breaking of the law, but sometimes that spills over into our preferences or ecological habits we have that not everyone embraces.

    It is not wrong to ask people to be more ecological minded or to be more considerate of their neighbors, but we also need to be reminded of good things people do. We need to look for the good in the midst of the chaos around us.

    Perhaps the next step is to do the good, even when it means it won’t be reciprocated. We are the ones called to make a difference in the world by being different in the world. We are the ones who are to be considerate in the face of adversity. We are the ones called to be kind in the midst of aggravating circumstances. We are the ones called to be conciliatory even when it is not our fault.

    Tough challenge don’t you think? Well what would life be without those kind of challenges, BORING.

    So look for the good today and find a way that you might match it tomorrow. And let’s celebrate national neighbor day every day.


    Pastor Randy

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