Community in Action September 8, 2020

“Be Still and Know That I Am God”

Psalm 46:10

    This was the verse I read this morning. Today I was practicing Lectio Divina. This is a spiritual practice which has you read over the same section of scripture four different times. The first time is to see it. The second time is to read it aloud twice so you can hear it, that is don’t just read the words, but let the words sound in your mind.

    The third time you read this is to meditate on it. Let it roll around in your mind and into your heart. Like a cow chewing its cud. Is there a word which sticks out in your mind? Is there something in this verse that makes it seem like it is the first time you have heard it. What is it that touches your heart?

    Finally as you read it again, ask God to help you to incorporate this into you day. What will you carry with you the rest of the day about this verse? Is it being still? Is it knowing? Is it God’s presence in your midst? Does this bring you hope? Does this bring you joy? Does this bring you peace?

    Perhaps tomorrow would be a good day to try to practice this way of reading scripture. I would like to suggest tomorrow morning you plan on practicing Lectio Divina while reading Psalm 42:1.

    For today I realize that all the questions of have in my mind about who I am, about what I am doing here on earth, and about the future are in the hands of God. I may not have answers to my questions, but then if God is by my side do I need to have those answers?

    I still have concerns about people who have lost loved ones. I still have concerns about people whose health is compromised. I still have concerns about the well being of friends and family, but it God is truly God then God will take care of them.

    There is nothing I can change with worry or with flailing about, but I can turn it all over to God and know that God will walk me through the questions and concerns.

    There is a peace which comes with knowing we are not alone, but that we have a most powerful and loving God who is by our side.

    Know this God is God and in knowing that we can be still,

    Pastor Randy

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