Community in Action September 9, 2020

So this morning I woke up to falling white flakes, and it is September. Wow, early Christmas? Sudden hail shower? Atmospheric anomaly? No, it was ash from the fires falling from the sky.

    So I decided to rinse off the cars, even knowing that more ash maybe falling as the day would go on, but still it would help when driving our vehicles to work this morning. I rinsed off Joan’s car and then moved to the truck. The Subaru wasn’t too bad as far as what I could see, but the truck, being white, was clearly covered.

    Also since we had some moisture in the air the ash made black streaks all along the top, sides, front, and bed of the truck. I figured it was a definitely a good thing to rinse off both cars. Afterward I wiped them both down with a towel, which will definitely need washing.

    As I started to wipe down the truck I noticed the driver side window was open about an inch. I don’t normally leave the windows cracked open, especially overnight, so I didn’t remember I had done that. I figured it might have gotten a bit wet inside, but no big deal. It should be fine. Of course I didn’t think that since it was cracked open there would also be ash inside on the seat as well.

    I wasn’t too keen on the fact that I had ash in my car, on the driver’s side, and I had just doused it with water. I thought oh, no, this is not going to be a good day. But I was wrong. Sure there was some ash on the driver’s seat, but it was still dry small white flakes. The seat it self wasn’t noticeable wet either, so what seemed a possible disaster waiting to be sat on was a non-issue.

    It reminded me that sometimes when I expect a disaster to follow after I have made a mistake it may not be so. I may think I have committed the most horrible blunder, but it may just be a minor inconvenience.

    Sometimes we just need to be patient and let the consequences proceed before we dig ourselves in to a deeper hole or before we slither down the shaming hole. We will make mistakes and we will survive those mistakes.

    I have shared with you before that one of my daughters gave me a bracelet that says “Make Mistakes.” It is not a bracelet to insure I make mistakes, but one that gives me permission not to be perfect. It also is an encouragement to take some risks.

    In our faith tradition I think we push perfectionism over risk taking. We don’t want to bring shame on ourselves or our family, but then sometimes we don’t risk something new or out of the ordinary because of our fear of making mistakes.

     I know now to be sure all my windows are closed before I start rinsing or washing the car. I know now that when I open those little self-serving communion cups to hold the cup away from my clothes because sometimes the pulling the tab will make that grape juice spill onto any clothing that is near by. I know now I need to be sure to empty the coffee pot before making a new pot of coffee, especially when the pot is still half full of day old coffee.

    So I survived the ash rinsing with the window cracked, and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings, how about you?

    Looking forward to new adventures in life with you,

    Pastor Randy

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