Community in Action "Six Easter Sundays" April 13, 2020

Easter Sunday has come and gone. All during Lent many of us were trying to give up something or add something to our daily life.  Once Easter came we went back to our old ways.

    The next six Sundays are considered Easter Sundays. It is the time between Easter and Pentecost. Maybe instead of giving up something or adding something for just those six weeks we should try to change one of our habits.

    Changing habits is not always easy. I mentioned yesterday in the service how I have seen people, in general, be more friendly and kind to those around them. It seems that when we all are in the same boat we tend to treat each other with more respect and dignity.

    I still struggle with my judgmental attitude toward others when I see fresh blueberries put in a freezer because someone decided not to purchase them and didn’t want to take time to put them back where they got them. Or when, on my walk, I see a trio of half empty beer bottles along the path or a paper coffee cup on the ground just a few feet from a trash can. Why can’t people clean up after themselves or leave the place where they walk at least the same way it was when they first came there?

    Being understanding is not an easy task. Perhaps judging others helps me feel better about myself, but instead of deciding how others should change their habits I need to decide how I can change my own.

    How often do we pray for insight on what things we need to change in our lives? How often are open enough to ask people we trust what we need to do be a better person? Maybe this season of Easter Sundays we should seek to change one habit that would make us a better person. Could we wear a glove on our hand during our walking and pick up on piece of trash? Could we put one thing back in the grocery store that is not ours where it should go? Or maybe when someone doesn’t something that aggravates us we could pray for that person? We could seek to understand more than to be understood.

    Let’s use these next six weeks to become more like the one God intended us to be.

    Working on making a change with you,

    Pastor Randy

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