Community in Action "The final temptation" April 09, 2020

The final temptation for Jesus in his wilderness experience was a promise  all kingdoms would be his, if only he were to bow down to the deceiver. Jesus could have been the king of the universe without having to go through all the arduous trials of the next three years. Jesus could have reached the goal of being in charge of the people on earth with out having to woo them or sacrifice himself for them. He could have had all the power he needed to bring justice and peace to this world, but that was not the way of God.

    Jesus was enticed to meet his physical needs through changing rocks into bread. Jesus had a chance to become famous  by jumping off the top of the temple. Now Jesus is given a short cut to be the one with the power to bring justice to the world.

    Whose disciple are we? Do we try to control everything around us, because we know the best way to get things done? If people would just listen to me they wouldn’t have the problems they do? If I was in charge I could fix it?

    It is hard not to think we know best, because we have made it through difficult times before. It is hard to let someone else be in control of our life, because they don’t really know what we need, but we think we do. It is hard to let God be in charge because God is not us, but then most the time I think that is a good thing, how about you?

    Discipleship is not easy. It takes letting go of our ego and embracing the way of God, but then he is the master of the universe and he delights in us. Psalm 35:27, “Let them shout with delight, ‘Great is the Lord who enjoys helping his child’.” (The Living Bible Translation)


    Pastor Randy

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