Community in Action "The Golden Rule" April 6, 2020

As we walk through the Holy Week preparing for the great celebration of Easter I want to continue to explore the phrase “Whose disciple are you?”

    The time just before Jesus started his ministry, after his baptism, but before his journey back to his home town to begin spreading the Good News was a thoughtful time, Matthew chapter four. If you remember he entered the wilderness, the desert place, that austere landscape which allowed him to meditate and converse with his father without distractions. It was after those forty days when the deceiver came to challenge his thoughts, his concerns, and even his purpose.

    Jesus is “reminded,” not like he needed reminding, that if he is who God says he has the power to satisfy his hunger. Jesus could meet the bare essentials by just commanding those objects around him to become toilet paper. Oh wait, I mean bread.

    Jesus was tempted to provide for his physical needs through a miraculous sign. He could meet his needs of food, clothing, and shelter by just a word. He could pursue obtaining possessions by turning his focus from his purpose for being here to accumulating all the things that sound good.

    As we spend time at the store aren’t we just purchasing that which we truly need, or are we? One advantage of this shelter-in-place time is we can take time to assess what is it we truly need. Do we need that extra pair of shoes, that bigger wardrobe, those add-ons to that car, that one more story on our house, or even those extra toys.

    Do we have control over our possessions or are our possession having control over us? This week is a good time to really think about our needs, which means I probably don’t really need one more book or another cable channel. Whose disciple are you?


    Pastor Randy

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