Community in Action "We are Forgiven" May 2, 2020

Community in Action

Glaring mistakes are rarely noticed. That is what I have learned in my position over the years. I am not a fan of reviewing things I have written or watching Youtube videos of my preaching. Whenever I do this I notice numerous mistakes in what I say or what I write. I have found that to be at peace with myself I just need to do the best I can in the moment and then let the chips fall where they may.

    This doesn’t mean I don’t prepare and present the best I can, but it does mean at some point I have to let the Holy Spirit filter out any mistakes, because the words are already out of my mouth or on the paper. There are times when I have people tell me that what they heard or read was amazingly exactly what they needed to read or hear. Yet when I have asked people what they heard or read they say something that I don’t ever remember writing or saying.

    True, there are times when I have made a faux pas or two that seem to be remembered into the next decade, like calling one of my children by the wrong name or ending a call with the automatic response “Love you,” even when it is merely an acquaintance. But for the most part I have learned that most of my mistakes are like old news. Someone else will get those fifteen minutes of fame pretty quickly and my mistakes will be just as quickly forgotten.

    So this is a reminder, one of our essential tenants in faith is we are forgiven. This means even those mistakes which are glaring for us, but rarely noticed by others do not define us. The only one we need to really impress anyway is the eternal gracious God. It is this God who removes our transgression from us as far as the east is from the west, so let us let God take care of our innocent mistakes as well.

    I think the important thing for us is to strive to become more like God wants us to be. This means we just need to honor God in our intentions and actions by finding ways to love those around us. Let us keep safe and carry on.


    Rastor Pandy

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