Financial Information

Stewardship Update

First I want to thank everyone for their pledges this year. We could not be the ministry we are today without your support, both financial and talent wise.

From the proposed 2015 budget, which would have brought the staff back up to their 2013 levels of compensation, we had to cut $42,800. This also means we needed to cut the weekly hours for the staff commensurate with these salary reductions.




In order of the staff listed on the budget the following cuts were made:

Pastor                                    $5,000                No hours cut

Music Director                       $14,600                6 hours cut and lowered per hour rate

Youth Director                        $10,700                8 hours cut

Family Ministries Director         $6,000                4 hours cut

Administrative Assistant I         $6,500                8 hours cut

Thank you again for your commitment to JKPC. This is a difficult time for all of us, but we do believe that God is still much at work in our ministry. Please review the budget in preparation for the November 30 Congregational Meeting.


Pastor Randy McGrady-Beach, Head of Staff

Session Approved Budget Summary for 2015

Session Approved Budget Detailed for 2015




2014 Budget Information
This was approved at the 12/2013 Session Meeting
and accepted at the 1/5/14 Congregational Meeting.

Click here for the 2014 Budget Summary.
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Annual Per Capita Fee - $35.15 / member
The Presbytery has assessed an annual fee of $35.15 per member of our congregation, which is used to help fund Presbytery work and staff costs. Will you consider making a special donation to help offset the cost to JKPC?
Per Capital envelopes are available or simply mark your donation "per capita."


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