Pastor Randy's November Reflection
November 4, 2019, 4:11 PM

Thank you Lord!!


Fires all around, traffic has gotten worse, and all our schedules seem to just become more complex and complicated, yet this is the month when we are reminded to pause and give thanks. True Thanksgiving is something that should be practiced more than just one day out of the year and more than just during the month of November, but with the pace of our lives it is hard just to take a moment and breathe.


Each week I begin planning all that I’m going to get done during that week and then the car doesn’t start or the special birthday or anniversary pops up and all attention goes to that particular day or that particular event and the regular chores or weekly plans have to be worked around it.


Even if there is a vacation planned for later in the month, as the time draws near you remember you didn’t get anyone to feed the cat or the dog or the gerbil. Perhaps you had a special date night planned and then the boss at work asks that a special project be finished sooner than expected.


So often we hear the familiar Hebrew proverb, “Man plans and God laughs.” It is funny at times, but other moments it seems like a cruel joke. We get organized, then the accidents or the interruptions or the new opportunities creep up on us and a difficult decision has to be made. Some days it seems like you just can’t win.


In all of this, expressing gratitude can seem more like one more obligation than a moment to savor our many blessings. Perhaps the blessing we most wish to savor is having a loved one by our side who is no longer there or was never able to be there in the first place. Perhaps the blessings we want to be most thankful for are overshadowed by the tragedies others are facing. But blessings are those unexpected good things that happen in our lives, and we need to acknowledge and respond to them.


What sometimes may begin as a blessing doesn’t turn out as we had hoped. Should we not still give thanks for that blessing? On the other hand, sometimes that thing that seems like a curse turns out to be something that we benefit from greatly later in the day or week or life.


How we look at blessings and how we greet life is mostly based on our attitude. Do we have an attitude of gratitude or do we have the attitude that we never get what we truly want? This is an attitude of entitlement. Why can’t we get what we want no matter how it impacts others or how it will impact our future maturity?  The answer is that there is no simple answer.


We can look at life in two different ways: either we live in a time of scarcity or we live in a time of abundance. I am not saying there are times when poverty is not an issue or health is not being compromised, but much of the time as we receive blessings, instead of being grateful, we want more rather than being thankful for what we already have.


          As we move towards this great holiday of Thanksgiving, let us not forget to be grateful for what we have and let us seek to find ways we can treat our neighbor generously and share whatever blessings we have with those around us. Let us take a moment to breathe and celebrate the abundance we have in Christ. Let us be thankful for what we have and share generously with others, for we are the richest in all the world when we are followers of Jesus.

With gratitude for each of you and for your generosity to the world in which we live,


Pastor Randy


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