Turkey & Syria Earthquake

March is JKPC Donation Month for Earthquake Victims in Turkey and Syria

          The devastating earthquake in Syria and Turkey was a call to action for the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA). They have reached out, offering assistance to partners in the area, where thousands have died, and are asking Presbyterians to pray for those impacted by the quake and its aftershocks.

PDA responded through ACT Alliance members on the ground to address urgent needs and provide humanitarian aid. ACT Alliance is a global faith-based coalition that operates in more than 120 countries.

Needs among those affected include blankets, medication, hygiene supplies, temporary housing, and heating.

JKPC has sent funds to help victims of floods, hurricanes, and wildfires in the past.  Now we have the opportunity to help those in extreme need in Turkey and Syria due to the massive earthquakes (yes, more than one!) that hit the area.

Please write your checks to JKPC and note “earthquake” in the memo line. We will write a check from your donations in early April to the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance. The funds will go directly to the PDA victim response. We will report to you the total donation amount in the May newsletter. Thank you!

Stan Husted, Missions Elder