Larry Woods- Volunteer Award

And the President's Lifetime Achievement  Award
Goes to…    Larry Woods!


During the February 25 JKPC Scout Sunday
Worship Service, we were proud to include a
special presentation! 


Due to his amazing Volunteerism, Larry was presented with The President's  Lifetime Achievement Award (officially received December 2023).   BSA Program Director Matt Lindberg gave a short speech and presented Larry with the award, as well as a medal.  This prestigious service award is an opportunity to honor the most outstanding volunteers and recognize the impact they make in their community.
 The certificate is hand signed by President Joe Biden.
In order to earn this award, one must volunteer 4,000 hours, and Larry clocked  in at

Larry humbly says “I like to volunteer.  It makes people feel good. When people feel good, I feel good.”   

Larry’s volunteer hours & organizations include the following (commentary by Larry)

1986-1988  4,000 hours with the Peace Corps   Hand dug wells and developing of Women’s Co-ops.  Just a 2-year camping trip in Ghana, West Africa


1997-2001  1,152 hours with Big Brother Program   Elliott and I keep in touch and he is a happy father of two girls with fond memories of our time together when he was young.  This was great practice for becoming a parent.


1998-2003  400 hours  Alameda County Food Bank   I met my wife Bell working there and our miracle was Alex our son.


2007-present   7,852 hours &  counting  Boy Scouts of America  The joke within BSA is that it was just a 1 hour a week commitment.   (Larry has been scout master for Troop 904 and now is the Charter Organization Representative for JKPC/Troop 904.)

2007 to present  1,600 hours and counting  Children's Emergency Food Book Helping gather, sort and purchase food throughout the year and especially Christmas time.  Mainly, anything Rick Snowden tells me to do.


2007 to present  704 hours & counting  John Knox Presbyterian Church Handyman work on campus, or anything that Nancy or the office tells me to do!


     Congratulations Larry!